Why use Getaflex?

Do you want to attract the best candidates for the job?

Are you focused on results rather than hours spent in the office?

Do you want to build a strong organisation, which is prepared for future demographic and technological changes?

Then you have come to the right place!


TickAccess Top Talent

Getaflex allows you to tap into a highly qualified and experienced pool of talent that cannot be accessed through existing recruitment channels.

TickIncrease Productivity

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. When managed well, flexible working will reduce turnover, increase job satisfaction and foster better employee engagement and retention.

TickProfile Your Brand

Make your brand stand out as an employer that values diversity and inclusion. Companies are profiled on employee benefits, flexible work arrangements, and past flexible jobs.

TickNo Cost

Advertising on the Getaflex job board is free for employers. If you are seeking professional workers, and are open to flexible or part-time working arrangements, then please register now.

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