Flexible Work

Flexible working arrangements refers to flexibility over the time and/or place of work, and can take many different forms.

There are many different reasons why people want to work flexibly


I’m an architect, and need to balance work with rehabilitation.


I want to continue working as a lawyer, but also spend time raising my young daughter.

Part-time golfer

I’m keen to contribute what I have learnt over many years in business, but also sharpen my golf handicap.

Avoid traffic

I prefer to avoid spending hours stuck in traffic by starting and finishing work early.


I want to extend my learning through studying, while continuing working.


I’m responsible for looking after my elderly parents, but still want to advance my career.


I’m keen to spend time volunteering in animal protection alongside work.

School pick ups

I like to arrange my work so that I can pick up my children from school twice a week.

Work from home

I prefer to work some of the week from home – away from office noise and distractions.