Flexible worker+

Be proud of being a flexi-worker, don’t be ashamed of it!

Despite a growing awareness of the benefits of flexible working, many workplaces still don’t support their staff to work flexibly. Even when flexible work options… more

Amy Prebble+

The importance of flexible work

If there’s a single trend we can take away from the past few years in workplace development, it would be the shifting attitude towards flexible… more

Father and son in school holidays+

Tackling the school holidays

School holidays are one of the greatest logistical challenges for working parents. While New Zealand school holidays total 11-12 weeks per year, most employees receive… more


Getaflex delivers for Auckland high flyer

Like many New Zealand women, Rebecca Emery had built up a successful career prior to becoming a mother. She continued to hold a busy, senior… more


The blending of work and family

    For me, one the of most powerful images of 2018 was baby Neve and her dad in the UN General Assembly looking on… more


NZ’s flexible job market

Our first report of flexible jobs advertised on Getaflex provides insight into New Zealand’s professional, flexible job market.  Click here for the full report ⇒… more


Why is it so difficult to find professional, flexible work?

At our recent Flexible Work Meetup (cohosted by SubUrban – Kathleen Wright, and Getaflex – Amy Prebble), we discussed the difficulty in finding quality flexible… more


Getaflex in the Media

We’re thrilled to have an article in the Independent Herald about Getaflex!  Published September 2018.

No flexible jobs+

First Getaflex meetup

If you are in Wellington later this month, then please come along to our first Getaflex Meetup on “Why is it so difficult to find… more

Kate Sheppard+

From universal suffrage to universal flexible working

There are commonalities between the suffrage movement which changed the course of our history 125 years ago, and the emerging flexible working movement which will… more

Flexible Job Ad+

How to write a flexible job ad to attract top talent

Flexible hiring is a fantastic way to tap into a pool of skilled talent and demonstrate your credentials as a good employer.  Advertising flexible jobs… more

Flexible Worker+

Lawyer, Brewer, Technologist and Flexible Worker

  Corporate and commercial lawyer Mitch Julian is defying the traditional working structure of the legal profession. He works 20-30 hours across three days as… more

Professional Part-Time Workers+

Growing NZ’s professional part-time labour force

Despite the significant change to New Zealand’s labour market over the past 30 years, with more women working and an ageing workforce, there has been… more

Perpetual Guardian Flexible Work+

Perpetual Guardian: Challenging Status Quo

What if everyone suddenly worked four days a week, without a reduction in salary? Would business productivity drop? Would employee engagement increase? Would it, could… more

Business Benefits Flexible Work+

The Business Benefits of Flexible Working

Introducing flexible working is not only a hit with employees, but also makes good business sense. Widen your talent pool Many industries face skill shortages… more

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