Getaflex delivers for Auckland high flyer

Posted: 12/12/2018

Rebecca Emery (on right) with University of Auckland Pacific Equity Adviser, Lynn Su’a and law student Matai To’ofohe

Like many New Zealand women, Rebecca Emery had built up a successful career prior to becoming a mother. She continued to hold a busy, senior role with two young children. But a demanding job – managing a team of eight, overseas travel, and responding to breaking media stories, on top of family was a “massive juggle”.

After the arrival of her third child, Rebecca felt the need for a work-life balance. She didn’t rush back to the workforce but waited for the right opportunity.

One evening, Rebecca was chatting to her sister-in-law about the need for a website specialising in flexible work, and the next day, the universe delivered! Rebecca spotted a Global Women post about Getaflex on her facebook feed.

Getaflex stood out as having a very different focus to other job sites, with “likeminded employers all advertising in the same place”, Rebecca explains.

The Getaflex offer of professional vacancies was a key attraction as “to live in Auckland, you often can’t afford to work part-time in a low paid job.”

Rebecca with two of her children, Rose and Paddy

She spotted a job of interest at the University of Auckland (a Getaflex partner employer) and successfully applied for the position of Equity Communications and Marketing Adviser.

In her new role, Rebecca works part-time (0.8FTE) – four days a week, and has worked one of those days from home since starting the job in June. This has provided a great transition to the workforce, for both Rebecca and her family.

The role is ‘perfect’, she says’, and involves supporting students and staff to reach their full potential – essentially “human rights in action”.

The University of Auckland has been very supportive, and Rebecca feels offers a model practise for flexible work –

“They really are walking the talk”.

She says that the University is widely viewed by employees as “a great place to work for people with young children.”

By offering flexible work options, employers can also benefit from attracting diverse and high calibre staff like Rebecca, who are highly experienced, well connected and extremely efficient at time management.

“Providing flexible work opportunities can enhance recruitment, retention, engagement and productivity. The University of Auckland aims to provide for a wide range of circumstances from parenting to eldercare, part-time study, phased retirement, and even beating Auckland’s traffic problems by flexible starting and finishing times. Some staff have had responsibilities reduced, worked from home, or job share. We cater for on-going and temporary arrangements, for example, covering school holidays” says Prue Toft, Director – Staff Equity at the University of Auckland.

Since discovering Getaflex, Rebecca has widely recommended the site to friends, so that others can follow her lead and find a fantastic flexible job!

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