NZ’s flexible job market

Posted: 07/10/2018

GetaflexOur first report of flexible jobs advertised on Getaflex provides insight into New Zealand’s professional, flexible job market.  Click here for the full report ⇒ Flexible Work in NZ: 1500 Jobs on Getaflex

  • Full-time flexible opportunities are mainly found in banking/finance/insurance, engineering and IT – but most full-time jobs don’t specify the type of flexibility. 
  • If you are looking for a professional part-time vacancy, you have the best chance of finding one in medical and healthcare. It is still hard to find a part-time management position.
  • Government and Council jobs lead short term opportunities.
  • You’ll have greater choice when looking for a flexible job in Auckland (43%), and Wellington (23%). It is difficult to find professional, flexible work outside NZ’s main cities.

Strong demand for flexible work, and limited supply

There is an increasing demand for professional, flexible work from a wide range of job-seekers – our ageing workforce, parents, commuters, early-career graduates, people with disabilities, and talent that want to balance work with other life priorities.

However, the vast majority of jobs advertised in New Zealand remain full-time traditional roles, and don’t mention flexible work options.

In the absence of flexible jobs, people are unable to advance a flexible career, and may choose to stay out of the workforce, or are stuck at their current career level.

Benefits of advertising flexible jobs

Flexible working benefits individuals, families, businesses, and wider the New Zealand society, economy and environment.

At a time when many New Zealand industries face severe skill shortages, employers that advertise flexible work have a competitive advantage in attracting talent in a tight labour market.  Further business benefits include higher levels of staff engagement and loyalty, reduced staff stress and improved productivity.

Growing the number of professional, flexible vacancies is critical to enable a truly diverse and inclusive NZ workforce.

So, together, let’s change the way that New Zealanders work for the better!


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