Why use Getaflex?

Do you have great qualifications and experience, and are looking for a job outside the traditional Monday to Friday, 9-5?

Are you tired of scrolling through part-time jobs for cleaners, uber drivers and pizza deliverers, when you are looking for professional, stimulating and well-paid work?

Do you feel disillusioned when you search on job sites for “flexible work” and the only jobs listed require staff to travel wherever, and work whenever the employer demands?

Then you have come to the right place!


TickGenuine, Quality Jobs

Getaflex advertises quality, professional and flexible jobs for people like you. We search through hundreds of job sites and company job pages to find the genuine, part-time and flexible jobs for skilled workers.

TickFlexible Companies

We actively approach companies that value diversity and inclusion to advertise directly on Getaflex. Companies are profiled on employee benefits, flexible work arrangements, and past flexible jobs.

TickGrowing Flexible Job Market

Getaflex is a social enterprise looking to grow the number of quality part-time and flexible jobs. We encourage employers to effectively utilise the highly skilled, motivated and qualified labour force which is seeking work outside the traditional model.


We promote the importance of flexible work to employers, industry groups, key stakeholders and media  – raising awareness and inspiring action.